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Walking in a winter wonderland ♥

January 01, 2012 / 36 ♥

HO HO HO! Greetings earthlings! Yes, I have not been posting lately. That is true, but in my defense (as it always is..) I’ve been really busy :( Enjoying the holidays with my loved ones. Go ahead. Punish me for it! Hahaha! Little drama to brake the ice.

But no really. I was in Thailand with my family for the past 6 days. Just returned last night and I’m blogging away :)

In the spirit of the holidays, I decided to create a look inspired by the depths of winter. These make up looks have a very frosty, wintry and royal domain. This shoot is very dear to my heart because my sister, Tina, joined me despite of her busy schedule :) You guys can visit her blog right here :D

My look is berry berry casual. (Get it? Berry? Cause of my muffs)

So uhm.. yeah :)) My look is very typical. No harsh eye shadows, thick eyeliner, hot red lipstick. The said combination is usually found in the dramatic make up looks I create. I wanted this to be wearable for any season and I also wanted to concentrate on the skin for this look. The canvas should look as frosty as possible :)

Let’s start with


Create a clean canvas using the lightest shade of foundation you have. Above are some of the good ones. Double the amount underneath your eyes to cover your dark circles, if you have any. 

To set the foundation, mix a white pressed powder with a small amount of silver and white cosmetic glitter. Apply these with a kabuki brush. This will give your skin a cold and shining brilliance.

Ooooh. Shiny

You guys know the drill. Shade in your eyebrows with a brown eyebrow pencil :)

Use a gold eyeshadow on your lids. This will serve as your wash. We’re gonna stick to a single eyeshadow color for this look. I know what you’re thinking. Why not use a blue eyeshadow. Using a blue eyeshadow is fine but I wanted this look to be extremely wearable and that pigment simply won’t grant me that :(

But feel free to use a blue eyeshadow, if that’s what you prefer LOL!

Apply the thickest pair of falsies you got :)

It’s okay to go over board with the lashes because your eyeshadow is so darn plain :D

Strictly NO PINK BLUSH. Use a shimmery white glitter for your cheeks :D

Aww I’m sorry my baby pink blush </3

Use a rose colored lipstick and apply a lipglass (Yes, lipglass) on the center of your lower and upper lip :)

And that’s about it for my look!

Now for my sissy’s look :)

Isn’t she the prettiest? I hate it O_O Haha! Her look is much more effortless than mine. But she rocked it!

She used a Mineral Foundation as her base.

To set her base, she applied a Matte face powder.

Unlike me, my sister has thin and less fuller eyebrows and she likes keeping it that way. That’s why she used a brown eyebrow powder to fill in her brows. Contrary to an eyebrow pencil which is particularly best for drawing on eyebrows rather than feeling them in. (Leaving out people who have thick eyebrows, of course.)

She used a white eyeshadow as her wash.


Apply a blue eyeliner on the inner rims of your eyes. Either liquid or pencil will do. Skip the inner corner which is nearest to the tear ducts. Only go 2/3 of the way.

Shade in the inner corners of your eyes using a white eyeliner. Use a small sponge to fade out the harsh edges later on. This will make your eyes brighter and bigger.

Again, use a shimmery white glitter for your cheeks :)

Coral pink for your lip color and add gloss for shine :)


By the way guys, I will be making a huge change in my blog (but that’s gonna be a big surprise) for the new year. It will be a whole new site and I can’t wait :) Bye for noowww! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! >:D<

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